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The Ultra Low-Carbon Solar Alliance (The Alliance) today released the following statement regarding the Biden administration’s 100-day review of critical supply chains entitled, “BUILDING RESILIENT SUPPLY CHAINS, REVITALIZING AMERICAN MANUFACTURING, AND FOSTERING BROAD-BASED GROWTH.

The Alliance welcomes the Biden administration’s 100-day review of critical supply chains. We appreciate the Administration’s recognition of the Alliance as a model for private sector initiatives to decarbonize key industrial sectors, citing our work as an example that the U.S. semiconductor industry should consider.

While the report focused on industries like semiconductors and pharmaceuticals, its analysis and suggestions are very relevant to the solar supply chain as well. Solar represents the fastest growing energy source globally, and we have become overly dependent on a single manufacturing region with significant sustainability challenges for our solar panels.

Additionally, to have a secure U.S. semiconductor industry we must have a secure and sustainable polysilicon industry. Most polysilicon manufacturers produce for both the solar and semiconductor markets and need both to grow and thrive. We also commend the Administration for recognizing the importance of a robust U.S. solar manufacturing industry. This is critical for generating both a reliable supply of sustainable solar products and a strong U.S. manufacturing base. These efforts dovetail well with a similar focus in Europe to ensure adequate solar manufacturing in decarbonized economies that will help propel us to a sustainable solar energy future.