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The SunCast Podcast Special Report: "Not All Solar Is Created Equal"

Alliance Executive Director Michael Parr sits down with Nico Johnson of SunCast Podcast

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Decarbonizing Solar

Executive Director Michael Parr sat down with Tim Montague of the Solar Podcast to discuss decarbonizing the solar supply chain.

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If You Could Buy Better Solar...

Why wouldn't you? The Watts Up crew is joined by Michael Parr the Executive Director of Ultra Low-Carbon Solar Alliance. During the conversation hear from Michael about the game-changing outlook The Alliance is challenging manufacturers to establish which results in massive carbon reduction in the creation of solar modules.

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A Brighter Future

"What if we could make renewable energy sources even cleaner?" In this introductory video, we explain that how you manufacture solar panel materials can make a big difference in the "embodied carbon" (supply chain emissions) of solar projects. Ultra low-carbon solar is available in the market now and deploying it can help companies and governments meet their sustainability commitments faster.

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