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On the cusp of a major boom in solar deployment globally, this new bill seeks to support U.S. solar manufacturing throughout the supply chain and to better position American workers to provide clean, sustainable solar energy at home and abroad. Solar manufacturers in the U.S. produce some of the cleanest modules in the industry by operating highly efficient, low-carbon operations for key inputs and finished modules. A more robust U.S. solar manufacturing industry will also provide improved supply chain resiliency and security as western markets have become increasingly reliant on the import of solar modules to meet domestic demand.

Alliance Executive Director Michael Parr released the following statement in support of the new Solar Energy Manufacturing for America Act bill:

“The Ultra Low-Carbon Solar Alliance welcomes the introduction of the Solar Energy Manufacturing for America Act. Expanding U.S. solar manufacturing across the supply chain is an important element of ensuring that America has a secure, resilient and sustainable source of cost-effective solar energy and positions U.S. manufacturers for a growing export market. U.S. manufacturers already make critical solar materials and finished panels, but significantly more U.S. manufacturing will be needed to ensure that that the projected rapid growth in solar energy is powered by clean, sustainable solar. We congratulate Senators Ossoff, Warnock, Bennett and Stabenow for their forward looking leadership in expanding clean energy manufacturing here at home.”