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Ultra Low-Carbon Solar Alliance member Hemlock Semiconductor (HSC) produced a white paper, hosted on GreenBiz, about the powerful role solar purchasers can play in decarbonizing the solar supply chain. HSC’s paper defines and contextualizes Ultra Low-Carbon Solar for solar purchasers who might not be familiar with the concepts of Coal-Fired Solar versus ULCS, and aren’t aware of the embodied carbon pollution they may be supporting with their clean energy spending

HSC identifies the tangible impacts ULCS can make on global carbon pollution, and it explains that solar’s future is ULCS. The paper encourages solar purchasers to get a head start on this next era of cleaner solar by pursuing ULCS today.

So, when companies specify their next PV project, they should ask more questions about the source of the key raw materials used, the resulting embodied carbon and specify the use of ULCS. This will improve the carbon performance of the energy systems these companies are purchasing.

By directing solar purchasers to consider embodied carbon when implementing solar projects or purchasing energy, corporations have the opportunity to make positive impacts on the future they are building for their company and the larger community.

Read the entire white paper here.